A New Beginning in the Evolution of Minecraft

We have completely redesigned the fundamentals of Minecraft,

bringing a whole new perspective to the Classic Minecraft experience.

We introduce Evalonia, the all new, fun, exciting and adventurous project, est. 2014.

Evalonia Server Still In Development

Lots Of Helpful New Features To Bring The Best

Experience To You.

Active Support

Wherever you are, you will always be near a trusted member of staff which will be more the happy to help, whether that be online or on Evalonia itself.


Great Community

Evalonia has been a project since early 2014, and since then we have built a strong community of Minecraft enthusiasts, who are all very excited to see what is to come.



Distinctive Gameplay

Evalonia has been designed and crafted with the players in mind, we offer a totally unique and extraordinary experience you will unlikely see on other servers.



DDoS Protected

Our server is fully protected from DDOS attacks, although as we all know, nothing is fault proof. We strive to be aware of these dangers and to backup and save any data you have got.




Leaderboards are now a thing of the past, players being judged by how good they are at certain tasks, GONE! The way you play will determine your path in Evalonia.



What is Discord?!

The Evalonia Discord Server is a new, clean and sleek way of interacting with the Evalonia Community's staff and players.


Discord has become the favourite platform for gamers around the world who have moved from popular platforms such as Skype and Teamspeak due to the amazing added features and personalisation that Discord offers.


Discord can either be downloaded to your PC or mobile device or can be run in your favourite browser!


Our Discord server has privately hosted music NPCs which play popular music within a few of our voice channels, which you can hop into and start listening right away as soon as you join.


On your arrival, you should be greeted by a member of our staff team, however, we are sometimes AFK which means we won't be around all of the time, but feel free to explore our Discord Server as you please.


So come and join us by clicking "Connect" on the right. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Ranking System

A ranking system has been implemented into Evalonia to challenge and motivate players. Further progression of in game ranks are available throughout the giant RPG world.



The Most Unforgettable Experience You Have Ever

Had On Any Other Server



Evalonia has hours of diverse landscapes to travel, over 12 trillion chunks all waiting to be discovered,

many of those places having a unique back story line, and many main and side quests,

which will ultimately make your player stronger, unlock new areas and quests and make traversing Evalonia even more enjoyable alone or with friends.



Check Out Our Greatest Places to Visit In Evalonia!

All of Them, Packed With Detail

Evalonia Capital


One of the must see places in the vast, open world of Evalonia is the Capital itself. Stunning mountain peaks surround the Capital's building masterpieces, leaving the viable arcing wall the only way in and out of the city. Feast your eyes on true RPG like experiences in the Capital.

South Port of Solithin


Our earlier developments to Evalonia sparked a very interesting idea of a master south port, later to be named Solithin, shops, trading vessels and harsh winds are the beauty of Solithin. The only thing standing between you and the Southern isles is miles of open sea, home to all kinds of dangers.

Mighty Mesa Bridge


High above the ocean separating the mainlands of Evalonia and the wilderness of the mesa biome is the mighty bridge, one of the only ways to enter the single mesa biome in the whole of the Evalonian Empire. The bridge spans across the sea away from the dangers of mobs and can be seen from miles away in every direction.

Town of Claris


One of the later towns to be added, was the small town of Claris, home to market stalls, trading vessels and a view which simply has no words to describe. Claris is situated a few minutes walk from the capital, most of it surrounded by dense forest and mountain like structures. The rest is for you to find out!

Mage's Spire


A late build on Evalonia is the addition of the island Mage's Spire, a place full of mystery and magic. Runic symbols are dotted around the small island which give the spire the power it needs to raise itself from the earth and hold itself above the mortal world. Witches and wizards study ancient magic at this sacred location.

Ironrock Stretch


The walls of the Ironrock city surround the only royal Evalonian forge; using the power of lava to smelt the ores, only master craftsmen are allowed to forge on the epic nether anvil. The city was build on a rich supply of rare earth minerals which span for miles underneath the ground, many men have entered to end up lost in it's depths.

Like our server so far? Why not help us grow even bigger?


Evalonia is constantly growing, but it cant grow forever without your help, any donation we receive will 100% go back into building Evalonia bigger.


Premium products such as cute and adorable pets, to an in game status are also available from our safe and secure store.

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