Evalonia Patreon

The easiest way to donate to support our server and help it grow. The more support we get the better Evalonia will become

Evalonia Patreon Not Available Yet

What is Patreon?


Patreon allows you to easily support Evalonia. By pledging an amount that is just right for you, you are supporting Evalonia and what we do. Smaller amounts build up, meaning the more Patrons we have, the more flexible we can be with our server.


How much you pledge is up to you, it's totally flexible, meaning you can donate as little as $1/month, with total control. The more you decide to donate per month, the more rewards you will unlock, as simple as that.

Why are we Using Patreon?


We are here to grow and expand our server, adding more content to Evalonia. We love giving back to the community, and this is why we started this project.


I and the team understand that not everyone can afford to support a server financially. Our server will remain free for everyone to play. As of now I am paying for the server from my own pocket because I love to create and give back to the community, with the help of Patreon I hope I can offset the costs of running and managing the server altogether, and focus on growing it bigger and better.


If you decide to support Evalonia, your contributions will go towards...


  • Funding of the Server
  • Promotion of Evalonia
  • Server Upgrades
  • Even More Game Content


But most importantly, keep in mind, when you pledge a small amount every month, you are helping us to grow bigger. You will help keep the server running, and, more importantly, helps us build an awesome community. If we manage to fully fund Evalonia from Patreon, there is so much potential ahead for the server, we simply can't list them all here. But if there is one thing, Evalonia has one big adventure ahead.


I have now been running and managing over Evalonia for 2 years, and nothing is more important to me than a strong community and the quality of gameplay. I would like to thank everyone who is supporting me, the server and its future. It truly means the world to know people believe in Evalonia.

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