Evalonia Staff

The hard working and dedicated individuals which have worked their very best to make this idea turn into a reality

danielfrogs (Owner)


Hello I am the Evalonia server owner! I enjoy coding and playing on the computer! Hope you enjoy the realm of Evalonia.

drummersbrother (Head Developer)


Hey, I'm a developer (mostly on a discord bot) here on Evalonia, I really like computers and coffee.

Sade66 (Head Developer)


Hello, I'm the web developer and head developer for Evalonia. I work closely with Dan to make your experience on the website along with our Discord server and Minecraft experience the best and most secure possible. :P

Dave (Artist)


Hi my name is Ethan but everyone calls me Dave... an artist at heart I've always had a passion for gaming... and minecraft was a chance for me to create 3D structures and models of anything I wanted to. I enjoy drawing in many styles... steam punk and dark/high fantasy. :P

mxxnlit (Artist)


Hi! I go by the name Shay and I am an artist on the Evalonia server. I spend my time trying to be as original and creative as I can with my art and love it so much. :D

Progygirl (Head Admin & Artist)


Hai, I am the closest there is to the Owner of Evalonia. When Dan isn't around it's me who you talk to. Enjoy questing!

Shadow_Squadron (Admin)


Hey there, I'm Sam. I've known Dan for quite some time now. Currently working as an Admin on the Evalonia server. Feel free to ask any questions and enjoy the server!

BFI (Admin)


Hi, My name is BFI I am currently an admin for Evalonia I love to build and help people. I hope you will enjoy our server.

GalaxyBar (Admin)


Hello my name is Seth! I am an understanding person who wants to help Evalonia stay up for as long as possible and keep it growing.

the_roborandy (Admin)


Hi, I enjoy gaming in general, games such as Ratchet and Clank, Super Mario and Crash Bandicoot are my favourites.

Candcharm101 (Admin)


Hello! My name is Ross, also known as Candcharm101. I am a close friend of Dan's and I am always willing to help Evalonia.

TheTechWarrior (Head Moderator)


Hi! My name is Nat and I am the lead Moderator. My job is simple, monitor over the forums, social media and Discord to check for any potential trollers or spammers and deal with them accordingly. With the help of my Moderation team at my disposal, you wont get far when trying to distrupt Evalonia.

tantis26 (Moderator)


Hey my name is Joel and I was the first ever person to help out on Evalonia. I am a close friend of Dan's and helped out during the startup of the project.

Haribo1231000 (Moderator)


Hi, I'm a close friend of Dan's and have helped out with the server's quests, building, testing and other parts of Evalonia.

Frazoola (Moderator)


Hello, I'm Freya and I am part of the moderation team who work to rid the Evalonia community of potential distrupting people. However, sometimes I monitor over chat and edit it to suit the situation.

Kiwi (Head Builder)


Hey my name is Oliver and I am the Head Builder on the Evalonia server, I love my role and enjoy working with Dan and his team.

kristian4405 (Builder & Owner's Bro)


Hey, my name is Kristian and I am the Owner's little brother. I occasionally help out with Evalonia.

010LIAMO10 (Builder)


Hey, my name is Liam, a friendly builder helping throughout the Evalonia Minecraft server.

tiggy1104 (Builder)


Hey I'm Tiggy and I love Minecraft from the moment I got it. I have helped with some smaller areas of the Evalonia world.

MaximusGageimus (Tester)


Hi I'm Alex and I enjoy casual gaming. I help Dan test out online and offline content before it is released and make sure its working as well as it could be.

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